Pest Control

Pest Removal

Peace of mind is free with our company's pest removal services. We use safe and nontoxic, eco-friendly sprays in your home to ensure your family and pets are protected.

Exterior Pest Control

Keep harmful bugs away from your home with exterior pest control. We complete your service without ever stepping foot in your home, using the most effective and greenest products on the market.

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Bed Bug Extermination

A bed bug is able to cause a number of health effects, including skin rashes, psychological effects and allergic symptoms. Bed bugs are a rapidly growing public health threat. It is very important to have an experienced exterminator handle any bed bug infestations. All our treatments are thorough as possible. We only begin after we remove the bedding, disassemble the bed, empty all nightstands, pull up carpet edges and vaccum.

Rodent Control

Modern methods of orodent control include traps and poisoned gait. Our staff has the experience and skill needed to handle your rodent control problem in a time and affordable manner. We use Talon-G, which is formulated and designed to reduce hazard to your family. When placed in inaccessible areas and in tamper-proof bait stations, there is minimal risk to non-targeted animals and humans.

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches live in nests. As such, killing a few roaches that happen to wander into a trap is and inadequate means of controlling the pest. it is best to have an experience pest control company handle any cockroach infestation that occurs in hour home. We are fully equipped to handle and cockroach infestation.

Ant Control

THe pavement ant, yellow crazy ant, sugar ant, the Pharaoh ant, carpenter ants, Argentine ant, odorous house ant, red imported fire ant and European fire ant are all ants that are classified as pests. if you are having issues with any of these pests pleases CONTACT US.

Carpenter Ants Control

When a carpenter ant colony invades the wood of a house, they can damage its integrity. Any wood in contact with the ground can be a source of entry for carpenter ants. If you have a carpenter ant infestation, please CONTACT US.

The Protection Plus Program

The days of repeated pesticides inside your home has changed. At Result Pest Control we think it's smarter to keep bugs out. We guard your home and attack bugs outside of your home before they invade the structure. Our technicians will apply a monthly or quarterly service. We will take care of the troubled areas where bugs will enter such as vents, window, doors and pipes. In addition, this program will reduce the insect population around your home, creating a barrier that will extend up to 12 feet and onto your foundation wall. The result will be... less applications year round.


The Protection Plus Program is most effective against:


*All Ants
*Wasps, Yellow Jackets & Bald-faced Hronets
*Pill bugs *Sow Bugs
*Mice & Rats
*Cockroaches etc....


About Us

Results Pest Control handles pest control issues for residential and commercial clients. With 15 years' experience, we inspect every inch of your home, ensuring the problem areas are pest-free.

As a locally owned and operated business, we are committed to providing you with the service you need right when you need it. Our business runs efficiently, with reliable and affordable services. Your service is priced fairly, and we never overcharge our customers. By completing a detailed walk through, we identify all the problem areas, even the ones that are normally hard to spot.